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Our Apiary

Our association apiary is in a private garden with dogs and chickens, so please drive with care and only go there on the designated days.

Before the wooden gateway by the house, turn left and park along the hedge, near the little orchard.

Apiary visits

The Association Apiary is used on published days, for apiary meetings which are open to members only. It is also used for 'The Summer Experience'. This is a series of 2 hour apiary training sessions. Members need to enrol in advance and arrive at 10:50 prompt for the briefing. Meetings are subject to workable weather conditions. Any postponements will be advised by email not later than 10am on the day. You will need to bring your own bee suit, boots and gloves.

All Members enter this site entirely at their own risk. SCBKA shall not be liable for any injury or damage to property whatsoever. Entering the site is deemed acknowledgement and acceptance of these terms and the rules below:

1. Clean gloves and bee suits should be donned before entry to the apiary.

2. Hive tools, smokers and other tools will be provided.

3. All rubbish and hive debris must be taken off site during the visit.

4. Hive Smokers to be knocked out only in the bin provided.

This site is managed by the Committee of SCBKA.

Please remember that you are visiting a private garden and act accordingly.

Also note there are no toilet facilities or refreshments on site.

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